GYEON Q²M ECOWash Rinseless Wash

  • Concentrated SiO² formula
  • Waterless and rinseless wash
  • Slick and glossy drying aid
  • Safe application - does not affect a Gyeon coating
  • Safe application - does not affect a Gyeon coating
16,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Q²M ECOWash allows you to quickly and safely clean your vehicle without the necessity to use running water and having a set up with a drain or without allowing any detergents to drip into the soil/driveway.

It can be used in one of 3 ways:
-as waterless wash 
-as rinseless wash
-as drying aid.

The concentrated formula allows you to explore different dilutions and find your favourite mix depending on application, usage, climate and personal preference. Q²M ECOwash has an addition of SiO², which makes it slick, very glossy and provides both water-repellency and self-cleaning abilities. This makes the product a great choice for maintaining ceramic-coated cars in regions where a regular wash is impossible or prohibited by law. Its slickness provides more safety during the wash.

- Waterless wash: dilute 1:15 to 1:10
Spray liberally on the surface and wipe in a straight line motion till streak free finish

- Rinseless: dilute 1:256/1:150 or use 50-80ml in 12L water, soak multiple microfiber towels in your wash solution and wash panel by panel. Change towels often.

- Drying aid: dilute 1:20
Spray on a wet surface or into your drying towel and dry the surface.

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