• Cleaning clay removes dirt gently
  • The solution when cleaners (chemicals) don't work
  • Much gentler than abrasive pads or brushes
  • Always apply with a lubricant
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149,46 € per 1 kg
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Gyeon Q²M Clay is resistant to chemicals in the pH range of 2-11, allowing for simultaneous use with Gyeon Q²M Iron, for example, as a lubricant. Undoubtedly, this is an added value for every professional, as it becomes possible to eliminate paint contamination and iron deposits in a single step.

As a standard and well-proven lubricant, Gyeon ClayLube is available.

Q²M Clay comes in two different hardness levels for precise adaptation to soft paints or heavy contamination.

Content: 100 g
pH value: 2 - 11
Consumption: .approx 20 g / per vehicle
Content: 0,10 kg
  • Thoroughly wash the car / wheels / glass beforehand
  • Pay attention to sufficient lubricant substance during use
  • Processing with GYEON ClayLube as a lubricant is recommended
  • Alternatively, detailer or shampoo can be used

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