Gyeon PPF and its associated care products offer a comprehensive solution for protecting and maintaining the paint. Additional benefits ….

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…. include long-term protection against mechanical damage such as stone chips, scratches, and swirls that can affect the vehicle's appearance. Thanks to its self-healing properties, minor scratches and swirls can be repaired through heat or sunlight. The surface becomes less prone to dirt and contaminants, significantly easing the cleaning and maintenance process. Gyeon PPFs were developed over a 2-year period and have a guaranteed lifespan of 10 years.

PPF Film - for glossy and matte paints

Clarity and depth, self-healing, protects against mechanical damage without visual impairment

PPF Coating as topping - the ultimate protection for films

Only one layer is enough for 24 months of gloss and protection

PPF Polish - Removing defects with Renew

Cleaning, gloss, and care for glossy film

PPF Maintenance - Quick cleaning and refreshing

Spray detailer for cleaning in between with ceramic particles

PPF Shampoo - Rich foam for hand washing

Safe to use and provides top results with every wash