Leather Coating

A high-quality solution for protecting and maintaining leather surfaces to keep them in excellent condition and extend their lifespan….

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…. Gyeon Leather Coatings create an invisible protective layer on the leather surface, guarding it against dirt, stains, and wear. This keeps the leather cleaner for longer and preserves its original condition. The coatings provide UV protection, shielding the leather from harmful UV radiation that can cause fading and brittleness.

The water-repellent properties prevent liquids from penetrating the leather and causing stains. Coated leather is easier to clean since dirt does not penetrate the surface as deeply. Gyeon Leather Coatings have a long-lasting effect, protecting the leather for an extended period and reducing the need for frequent reapplications.

However, what sets them apart is that the coatings preserve the natural appearance of the leather and do not alter its feel or texture:

Q² LEATHERCOAT - Easy and quick application: Pre-clean and spray on

Provides good protection for leather with a durability of up to 3 months

Q² LEATHERSET - Available as a set with mild/strong cleaner

Cleaning and protection - set includes horsehair brush, foam sprayer, applicator, cloth, and coating

Q² LEATHERSHIELD - The long-term leather coating

After pre-cleaning and uniform application, leather is protected for up to 12 months.