Rim & Wheel Coating

Gyeon's Wheel and Tire Coatings, based on silicon SiO2, form a protective layer on the surface to shield against harmful influences. The ….

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…. coating creates a barrier-like shield significantly reducing the penetration of brake dust and road grime on both wheels and tires. The coated surfaces are easier to clean as dirt and residues do not adhere as strongly. The added protection against oxidation and corrosion helps repel moisture. Overall, Wheel and Tire Coatings provide enhanced protection, easier cleaning, and long-lasting aesthetics for wheels and tires.

Q² RIM - Wheel Coating

One of the most well-known and popular Gyeon Coatings. It is designed to protect wheels, especially during the transition from summer to winter. Properly storing tires and wheels ensures they are clean and protected for the start of the new season.

Q² TIRE - Tire Coating

Creates a silky-matte, factory-new appearance for tires. It is highly effective in repelling dirt and offers an easy application process.