Polish & Compound

Gyeon offers a complete range, from cutting compound to primer, providing a solution for every imaginable paint defect. The gradation removes  ….

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…. defects like deep scratches to very fine scratches (holograms) with a high-gloss polish and Gyeon primer for coating preparation. Recommended polishing pads and applicators can be found in the product description.

Compound+ cutting compound removes deep scratches

Gyeon's cutting compound with the highest abrasion power. Ideal for deep scratches and discolored paints

Compound - Fine cutting compound for normal wear and tear on paint

Gyeon's fine cutting compound removes 80% of all paint defects like car wash scratches, encounters with hedges, etc.

Polish - High-gloss, anti-hologram polish creates glossy, hologram-free surfaces

Polish for a highly glossy, hologram-free finish. Removes even the tiniest paint defects

Primer - Final base for a coating. Strongly hydrophobic SiO2 finish polish

Contains no silicone or fillers. Base for applying a Gyeon coating and can be used as a standalone solution for all paint types