GYEON Q²M Compound

  • Gyeon fine-cut compound with mild abrasiveness
  • Removes moderate to severe paint defects
  • Water-based, without fillers or silicones
  • Low dusting for quick results
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The Gyeon Polishing Program - water-based, without fillers or silicones, and virtually dust-free.

Gyeon Compound Cutting Polish removes moderate to severe paint defects in minimal time, achieving a nearly perfect high-gloss finish. It can be used with both rotary and dual-action polishers, leaving no oily or greasy residue, minimizing the need for extensive wiping.

Additionally, washing out the pads is pleasantly quick as the polish is not oily.

Content: 120 ml1,0 Liter
Content: 0,12 l

Here are a few general, fundamental, and non-binding guidelines for polishing. The process requires experience, so we recommend beginners to start with a practice object, for example, from a junkyard. For those interested, we offer polishing training at GEC.

  • Thoroughly wash and clean the vehicle to remove dirt and dust
  • Ensure that the paint is cool and dry
  • Ideally, park the car in the shade or in a garage
  • Use the recommended GYEON polishing pad
  • Apply a small amount of polishing paste to the pad
  • Distribute the paste evenly on the pad (using fingers and protective gloves)
  • Set the polishing machine to a low speed and apply only light pressure
  • Start slowly moving the polishing machine in a cross pattern over the paint
  • Do not skip any areas and work in small sections (approximately 40 cm x 40 cm)
  • Do not polish over edges, seams, and attachments; mask them off
  • Regularly check the progress by wiping with a polishing cloth
  • Ensure that too much material is not removed, and the paint is not damaged
  • Repeat the process if the result is not satisfactory

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