GYEON Q²M Eccentric Cutting Pad

  • Gyeon Pad with medium hardness
  • Reticulated foam with excellent heat dissipation
  • Dust-free processing with an eccentric polisher
  • Application in combination with Gyeon Compound (cutting polish)
Ø Pad 
15,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

The Q²M Polishing Pads complement the Gyeon range of paint preparation products perfectly. They are made of high-quality premium foam, manufactured in Germany, and offer various subtle technical refinements to achieve maximum performance in machine polishing.

These pads are designed to work effectively with Gyeon polishes and compounds, but they also perform reliably when used with other leading polishing products in the market. The eccentric pads have a thickness of 20 mm to accurately translate the eccentric movement, and they feature a centering hole and tapered edges, which are common standards today, except for the shortened edge for increased pad durability.

The red Cutting Pads, made from reticulated foam, promote better heat exchange and are especially suitable for processing coarse cutting compounds and polishing pastes.

Packaging unit: 1 piece2 pieces
Ø Pad: 135 mm90 mm
Ø Velcro: 77 mm125 mm
Color: red
Material thickness: 20 mm