Polishing Pad

Gyeon polishing pads made of wool and foam for processing pastes and polishes. They are generally categorized into pads 'with holes' - for ….

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…. eccentric polishers and pads 'without holes' - for rotary machines. Sorted by cutting grade from hard - for cutting and fine cutting pastes to soft - for high-gloss polish and primer:

Rotary Wool Heavy Cut / Cut - highest cutting performance

Used with rotary polisher and cutting paste. Removes deep scratches and restores discolored paints.

Heavy Cutting Pad violet - Eccentric / Rotary -  hard pad for cutting/fine cutting pastes

Typical hard pad for defect removal with pastes

Cutting Pad red - Eccentric / Rotary - medium pad for fine cutting paste with moderated cutting ability

The finest and softest pad for cutting/fine cutting pastes with the least cutting power.

Polishing Pad blue - Eccentric / Rotary - the pad for high-gloss polish

Soft pad for anti-hologram high-gloss polish

Finishing Pad white - Eccentric / Rotary -  perfect finish

Used for the finest defects/swirls with Gyeon primer and for PPF refreshment