Polishing pad

Gyeon pads made of wool or foam for processing Gyeon pastes and polishes. The pads are made of reticulated foam "Made in Germany" and meet ...

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…. all requirements for longevity, heat dissipation, and polishing results that a modern polishing tool must fulfill. Gyeon offers two different types of pads: Pads with holes - for eccentric (Eccentric) polishers Pads without holes - for rotary (Rotary) polishers All Gyeon pads are sorted here according to their abrasive grade, from hard - for sanding and fine sanding paste - to soft - for high-gloss polish and primer:

Rotary Wool Heavy Cut / Cut - highest abrasive performance

Processing with a rotary polisher and sanding paste. Removes deep scratches and restores yellowed paint

Heavy Cutting Pad violet  Eccentric / Rotary  - hard pad for sanding paste

A typical hard/firm pad for defect removal with paste

Cutting Pad red Eccentric / Rotary  - medium pad for paste with moderate abrasion

The finest and softest pad for sanding / fine sanding paste with the least amount of abrasion

Polishing Pad blue Eccentric / Rotary - the pad for high-gloss

Soft pad for anti-hologram high-gloss polish

Finishing Pad white Eccentric / Rotary - perfect finish

Used for the finest defects/swirls with Gyeon Primer and as PPF refreshment.