Gyeon applicators are used to apply care products such as wax, sealant, leather conditioner, tire shine, and coatings evenly onto vehicle ….

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…. surfaces. Made of soft, absorbent foam or microfiber, these applicators allow for precise and gentle application of care products, preventing scratches or damage. This enhances the effectiveness and longevity of the care products, as they can be applied more evenly and sparingly. The following variants are available:

Block Applicator - Classic applicator for coatings

Never use without Suede. Wrap the towel around the applicator and apply the coating.

Coating Applicator - Next level coating applicator with 2 sides

With one Suede side and one side of normal, low-fiber microfiber.

MF Applicator - Applying maintenance products with microfiber

Place soft microfiber over 3 fingers and apply liquids evenly and easily.

Tire Applicator - Shaped for tires

The perfect shape to treat high and flat tires with tire dressing.

Wax Applicator - For wax, ergonomically fits in hand

Dense semi-circular foam for wax application.