GYEON pre-cleaners are formulated with powerful ingredients that first break up and then remove stubborn dirt and road grime. The application ….

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.... is particularly recommended if the vehicle is heavily soiled or if there are stubborn deposits such as tree resin, insect residues, tar, rust film or limescale stains on the surface. Pre-cleaning makes the main wash with shampoo more effective and gentle, leaving the vehicle shinier and cleaner at the end.

APC - All-Purpose Cleaner / versatile concentrate

Highly concentrated pre-cleaner for commercial use. Cleans almost everything, from upholstery to engine cleaning.

TAR - Tar Remover

Removes tree resins, tar, and organic residues such as insect remains and stubborn protein compounds.

PREP - Degreaser

Degreases all painted surfaces as well as tires, glass, plastics in preparation for coating.

CLAY - Mild / abrasive clay

For gently removing firmly adhered dirt such as insect residue, tree sap, and tar without harming the paint.

CLAYLUBE - Lubricant for cleaning clay

Ensures that the clay can do its job properly and glide smoothly.

IRON - Body Iron Remover

A must-have in car care. Dissolves metallic particles.

BUG&GRIME - Insect Remover

It has only one job, but it does it really well. Removes insects safely and gently.