In the GYEON EXPERIENCE CENTER EUROPE, you can find your special topic of interest covered by a selection of courses. Learn more about the first ...

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... steps into a good decontamination wash up to the complex process of paint correction. Most courses are suitable for beginners as well as professionals who want to expand and deepen their knowledge.

Beginner Course - fundamentals about detailing for enthusiasts

Entrance stage course for getting started with detailing

Maintenance System - fundamentals of the Gyeon Q²M Maintenance line

Coating preparation and maintenance, general use of the Q²M products for all surfaces

Coating System - all you need to know about the Gyeon Q² Coating line

Theoretical differences and practical application of Gyeon ceramic coatings

PPF System - Application of the Gyeon PPF

Workshop showing differences in bulk application and precut patterns created with PPF Cut Software 

Certified Coating System - exclusively for 'Gyeon Certified Detailers'

Advanced Course for active Gyeon Distributors and Detailers

Polishing System - Special features of Gyeon compounds and pads in theory and practice

Paint correction and high-gloss finish for beginners and advanced users

High End Detailing - 'Detailing Guru' and Gyeon Brand Ambassador Yves Heylen in a 1-on-1 course

Deepening of any individual topic