Gyeon offers polishes and compounds for all imaginable defects and applications, such as removing light swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, ….

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…. and enhancing the gloss and brilliance of the vehicle's paint. The goal is to restore worn surfaces to their original appearance. Gyeon polishes are well-known for their effectiveness and performance, delivering excellent results in paint correction and surface refinement, preparing the surface for the final application of a coating.

Easy to apply, making them suitable for both professional detailers and hobby car enthusiasts, they are designed to work well with other Gyeon products like sealants and coatings to achieve the best possible results in car paint care.

They are safe for use on various paint types and clear coats, minimizing the risk of damaging the vehicle's paint surface. You will find a systematic allocation of compounds and pads here. Processing materials, such as "Which pad to use with the compound?" are depicted in the product description under each item.