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A detailer removes dust, fingerprints, and light dirt from the paint without fully washing the car. It refreshes gloss and brilliance, giving the car ….

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…. a well-maintained appearance. Gyeon detailers contain silicon or carnauba, leaving a protective layer on the paint, guarding against environmental factors like bird droppings or water spots. Another benefit is the water-repellent effect, promoting water beading, making drying easier, and reducing dirt adhesion. The product range covers painted surfaces, from glossy to matte.

CeramicDetailer - with ceramic content for gloss and water beading

Classic Detailer - For cleaning in between or as a spray sealant on untreated surfaces. Topping and refreshing for existing coatings

WetCoat - Gloss and water beading directly during washing

Spray the wet vehicle with a wet sealant after washing and activate it with a water jet

WetCoat Essence - Ultra-concentrated version for self-mixing

The popular wet sealant Gyeon WetCoat, available as a concentrated version for users with high consumption

QuickDetailer - Traditional Carnauba Detailer

Spray sealant and quick cleaner with a Carnauba component for rapid gloss and as a topping for Gyeon WAX

Cure - Spray sealant with the highest SiO2 content

The Gyeon detailer with the highest ceramic content and the longest durability

Cure Matte - Specifically for matte surfaces

Offering all Cure benefits

PPF Maintain - Safe for wrapped vehicles

Providing protection, care, and sealing for all wrapped surfaces.