• Excellent maintenance spray for regular refreshment of coatings
  • Also usable as a standalone spray sealant for paint/rims
  • Ideal sacrificial layer for fresh coatings to prevent water spots
  • As a drying aid during vehicle washing
15,00 €
60,00 € per 1 l
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Q²M Cure is the ultimate care product for all types of ceramic-based coatings. It adds an additional hydrophobic protective layer, making the surface noticeably smoother.

Q²M Cure can also be used as a standalone spray sealant on uncoated paint, either on wet or dry surfaces. In this case, the sealant provides protection for one to two months.

Cure is also the final product that can be applied to a fresh quartz coating. It protects the coating during the drying process, preventing water spots and reducing the time before the car can hit the road again.

Since Q²M Cure is based on SiO2, regular use significantly extends the longevity of the existing coating.

Content: 100 ml400 ml250 ml
SiO2 Content: > 5 %
pH resistance value: 4 - 9
Content: 0,25 l
  • Spray Gyeon Cure directly onto a microfiber cloth
  • Apply sparingly - less is more for increased gloss, protection, and water-beading performance
  • Do not spray on dry surfaces (bodywork)
  • Apply Gyeon Cure part by part on the vehicle
  • Use a second cloth for wiping/polishing

Can also be used as a drying aid for a wet car

  • Spray directly onto the drying towel
  • Dry the vehicle

Pro Tip:

Gyeon Cure can be diluted 1:1 with demineralized water. This reduces the risk of streaking and makes wiping off easier.

Question: As recommended, I would like to apply Q²M Cure as a topping on a Gyeon Coating. How long should I wait after applying the coating?

Answer: Generally, it is advisable to wait for 12 hours to allow the coating to dry. After that, applying Q²M Cure is recommended to protect the coating from water spots in the first few days.

Application video Gyeon Cure - SiO2 spray sealant

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