A hand wash with GYEON washing products allows for a very gentle treatment of the paint. Particularly stubborn dirt is better ….

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…. removed with a hand wash as you can focus on these areas specifically. The water consumption can be better controlled, leading to a more efficient use of water. Some GYEON shampoos contain care products that are specifically applied to the vehicle during the wash to protect, maintain, and enhance the paint's gloss.

Bathe - Shampoo with exceptional lubrication

pH-neutral Gyeon Shampoo for all purposes

Bathe Essence - Highly concentrated shampoo

Identical performance to Q²M Bathe Shampoo but even more concentrated

RestartWash - Coating decontamination shampoo

Shampoo for the aftercare of a coating with high cleaning performance

Bathe+ - Wash and coating in one step

Effectively cleans while simultaneously forming a SiO2 protective layer

Foam - Snow foam shampoo by Gyeon

For pre-washing with a foam cannon/foam gun. Rich foam effectively loosens dirt, protecting the surface

WaterSpot - Lime spot remover

Too much lime in the wash water resulting in unsightly white marks after washing? Clearly: lime spots. This product is the solution - simply spray and wipe