GYEON Q²M Rotary Polishing Pad

  • Soft pad from the Gyeon range
  • Reticulated foam with good heat dissipation
  • Dust-free processing with a rotary polisher
  • Used in combination with Gyeon high-gloss polish
Ø Pad 
15,00 €
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

The Q²M Polishing Pads perfectly complement Gyeon's range of paint preparation products. They are made from high-quality premium foam, manufactured in Germany, and feature various subtle technical refinements to achieve maximum performance during machine polishing.

These pads are designed to work seamlessly with Q²M polishes, but they also perform reliably with other polishes from different manufacturers. Available in four color-coded hardness levels, each in two versions for eccentric and rotary polishing motions, and two sizes (145 mm and 80 mm), offering a total of 16 different pads.

The 25 mm thick rotary pads ensure even force distribution at the edges and have rounded edges to prevent sanding/polishing marks. They are an ideal fit for the 125 mm ideal hook-and-loop backing plate.

The blue cutting pads, made of reticulated foam, facilitate efficient heat exchange and are perfect for processing both cutting and finishing pastes.

Packaging unit: 1 piece2 pieces
Color: blue
Material thickness: 25 mm