GYEON Q²M Polish

  • Gyeon high-gloss polish POLISH removes holograms
  • Water-based, without fillers or silicones
  • Low abrasive action with a perfect finish
  • Suitable for both eccentric and rotary polishers
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The Gyeon Polishing Program - water-based, without fillers or silicones, and nearly dust-free.

Gyeon Polish High Gloss Polish creates a highly glossy, hologram-free finish in minimal time. With its moderate abrasive particles, Gyeon Polish is also capable of eliminating light paint defects. It can be used with both eccentric polishers and rotary machines and leaves no oil or grease film.

Content: 1,0 Liter120 ml
Content: 0,12 l

Here are a few general, fundamental, and non-binding guidelines for polishing. The process requires experience, so we recommend beginners to start with a practice object, for example, from a junkyard. For those interested, we offer polishing training at GEC.

  • Thoroughly wash and clean the vehicle to remove dirt and dust
  • Ensure that the paint is cool and dry
  • Ideally, park the car in the shade or in a garage
  • Use the recommended GYEON polishing pad
  • Apply a small amount of polishing paste to the pad
  • Distribute the paste evenly on the pad (using fingers and protective gloves)
  • Set the polishing machine to a low speed and apply only light pressure
  • Start slowly moving the polishing machine in a cross pattern over the paint
  • Do not skip any areas and work in small sections (approximately 40 cm x 40 cm)
  • Do not polish over edges, seams, and attachments; mask them off
  • Regularly check the progress by wiping with a polishing cloth
  • Ensure that too much material is not removed, and the paint is not damaged
  • Repeat the process if the result is not satisfactory