GYEON Q² Primer

  • High gloss for dark or soft paints
  • Gyeon Finish Polish with SiO2 components
  • Final foundation for applying a Gyeon Coating
  • Deep gloss even on solid black colors
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The Gyeon Polishing Program - water-based, without fillers or silicones, and nearly dust-free.

Gyeon Q² Primer Finish Polish creates an ultra-fine finish in minimal time. It is a finishing polish used at the end of defect correction, especially on dark or soft paints (e.g. solid black), as the final step. With the addition of SiO2 and special resins, it optimally prepares the paint for a subsequent application of a ceramic coating, producing a mirror-smooth finish that is hard to achieve with conventional finishing polishes.

It can be used with both eccentric polishers and rotary machines and leaves no oil or grease film.

Content: 120 ml1,0 Liter
Content: 120,00 ml

GYEON Q² Primer Step 4 is processed (depending on the condition of the surface) in combination with

  • Step 1 GYEON Q²M Compound+ abrasive paste
  • Step 2 GYEON Q²M Compound fine abrasive paste
  • Step 3 GYEON Q²M Polish high-gloss polish

The processing is done mechanically with a soft Gyeon Finishing Pad until the desired level of gloss is achieved.

After a waiting time of 24 hours, before applying a ceramic coating, no further degreasing with Gyeon Prep is necessary.

If the waiting time is less than 24 hours, degreasing is required.

Question: Can I apply Infinite Coatings after polishing with Gyeon Primer, or is it only compatible with "regular" Coatings?

Answer: The Gyeon Primer works wonderfully with Infinite Coatings, especially on solid black colors.

Question: How long should I wait before applying a Coating?

Answer: The crucial point is degreasing. Wait for at least 24 hours, then there is no need for degreasing with Gyeon Prep, and the Coating can be applied immediately. If you want to apply a Coating earlier (around 15 minutes after application), degreasing with Gyeon Prep is necessary.

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