GYEON Q²M LeatherSet

  • Complete set for regular leather care
  • Includes cleaner and leather sealant
  • Includes brush, applicator, and cloth
  • Suitable for moderately (mild) or heavily (strong) soiled leather
37,00 €
185,00 € per 1 l
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Q²M LeatherSet is the complete solution for your leather care.

By combining Q²M LeatherCleaner and Q²M LeatherCoat, it becomes the ideal solution for the maintenance and protection of all types of leather.

You have the choice between two variants:

  • Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong: strong and highly effective cleaning performance
  • Q²M LeatherCleaner Mild: milder but still powerful cleaning performance

The included Q²M LeatherBrush carefully distributes the foamed cleaner into the pores and removes dirt from the leather's structure. Use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe off and remove the dissolved dirt.

Tipp: Don't hesitate to use water in combination with Q²M LeatherCleaner foam. This will help you distribute the product better and generate more foam.

Content: 200 ml
Durability: up to 3 months
Content: 200,00 ml
  • 1 Stück GYEON Q²M LeatherCleaner Mild / Strong 200 ml
  • 1 Stück GYEON Q² LeatherCoat 120 ml
  • 1 Stück GYEON Q²M LeatherBrush
  • 1 Stück GYEON Q²M MF Applicator
  • 1 Stück GYEON Mikrofasertuch

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