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Cleaning leisure captains are a familiar sight at every marina. To allow you to spend more time on the water, Gyeon offers a unique full range ….

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…. of products for cleaning and maintaining gelcoat, teak, glass, and metal.

Marine Coating - for Gelcoat and Teak surfaces

Permanently clean surfaces. Water beads off, and dirt does not adhere.

Marine Degreaser - The pre-cleaner and degreaser for the final application of a coating

The degreaser used as a cleaner before the final application of a coating on gelcoat and teak.

Marine Sealant - Protection for upholstery, plastic, and gelcoat

Easy application.

Marine Polish Step1 and Step2 - Polish out deep to light scratches and achieve high gloss

Water-based polish for machine processing. Perfect, mirror-gloss surfaces.

Marine Shampoo - eliminates all types of dirt

High cleaning power for regular use on hull and gelcoat.

Marine Glass - the cleaner for always clear visibility

Cleans glass and all plexiglass surfaces. Safe on leather, vinyl, and alcantara.

Marine Fabric - unique textile protection with SiO2

Durable protection against UV radiation for all fabrics.

Marine Vinyl Cleaner - for regular use

Gentle and effective care for vinyl, leather, marine alcantara, and plastic surfaces.

Marine Metal Polish - High gloss from anchor to handrail

Cleans and maintains all metal, aluminum, stainless steel, or chrome surfaces on the boat.