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  • Sealant with SiO2 components for regular maintenance of non-new leather
  • Forms a protective barrier against UV radiation, dirt, and dye transfer
  • Does not alter the typical matte appearance of the leather
  • Durability of up to 3 months
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Gyeon Q² LeatherCoat REDEFINED is a leather sealant for all leather surfaces. It is not a standard care product that simply balances the moisture of the leather; instead, it bonds firmly to the surface, forming a powerful protective layer on the leather. It does not alter the appearance or the typical soft feel of the leather upholstery.

Just one layer of Q² LeatherCoat REDEFINED is enough to achieve maximum protection and provide water, liquid, and dirt repellency. It also offers strong UV protection to preserve the color freshness, even under hot and sunny conditions.

Most modern interior leather upholstery has a factory matte finish, and Q² LeatherCoat REDEFINED ensures that this effect remains untouched for a long time. Additionally, the coating reliably prevents any discoloration from clothing contact.

Content: 120 ml500 ml
pH neutral: yes
Protection against liquids: yes
Can be used on any leather: yes
Durability: up to 3 months
Content: 120,00 ml
  • Do not apply without proper preparation.
  • Use GYEON Q² LeatherCleaner mild or strong for this purpose.
  • Next, spray GYEON Q² Leather Coat onto the surface.
  • Work it in using GYEON MF Applicator and let it absorb.
  • After approximately 15 minutes, wipe off with a soft cloth like GYEON Soft Wipe.

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