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All the Gyeon Coatings from the latest EVO series for painted surfaces at a glance. With the EVO series, a single layer achieves the performance and ….

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.... finish that previously required two layers. This advantage propels Gyeon Coatings to the forefront and saves users a significant amount of time. Here are the key aspects and properties described:

Q² CANCOAT EVO - Universal SiO2 Coating in a spray bottle

A spray sealant that is easy and versatile to apply. Highly hydrophobic and commonly used as a topping for Q² Mohs or Q² Pure. It can also be used as a stand-alone coating for almost all surfaces

  • Only 1 layer
  • Durability: 12 months / 12,000 km

Q² ONE EVO - Entry-level SiO2 Coating with remarkable performance

An entry-level coating for cost-conscious users who previously used waxes and want to try coatings. Very easy to apply, with some compromises in terms of durability and performance

  • Only 1 layer
  • Durability: 24 months / 25,000 km

Q² PURE EVO - Candy Gloss and Color Enhancement

The Gyeon Coating with the highest SiO2 content (75%). Provides maximum gloss, candy effect, and extreme color enhancement. Highly hydrophobic.

  • Only 1 layer
  • Durability: 36 months / 40,000 km

Q² MOHS EVO - Gloss, Smoothness, and Hydrophobicity

The classic Gyeon Coating formula with the strongest molecular bonding

  • Only 1 layer required, 2 layers possible
  • Durability: up to 36 months / 40,000 km
  • Durability (2 layers): 48 months / 50,000 km

Q² SYNCRO EVO - Maximum Durability for professional users

A professional-grade coating for users who prefer a 2-component system (combining Q² Mohs and Q² Skin)

  • Durability: 48 months / 50,000 km

Q² MATTE EVO - For Matte Surfaces

A coating specifically designed for matte surfaces, such as matte paints or vinyl wraps. It does not alter the matte finish.

  • Only 1 layer
  • Durability: 24 months / 30,000 km