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GYEON has always been unique and constantly strives to be a step ahead of the car care market, willing to win in every aspect of its business. Our passion and experience keep us on that road. We never make any compromises. It’s in our DNA. It’s what we call: the GYEON WAY.


Since the very beginning of our story, our mission has always been to implement new solutions to inspire the car care market and define its future.


Exceptional is the word that we always have in the forefront of our minds at work. We strive to create and manufacture exceptional car care products, wrapped in exceptional packaging and backed with exceptional marketing, technical support and distribution.

Industry changers

It is easy to label yourself as innovative. However, rather than rely on a label, we prefer to define ourselves by delivering groundbreaking formulas on a regular basis. And we have a proven history of doing just this. In our portfolio you will find world-firsts and other innovations we have brought to the car care market in recent years.


We formulate and mix all of our products in our own, modern facility in the heart of South Korea, with the help of the best scientists and experts in the detailing business. We support this process with in-depth research, intensive testing and an obsessive desire to improve everything we do. The results of this attitude are exceptional products in terms of the quality, durability and ease of use. With extensive raw material and packaging reserves, we are prepared to meet rapidly increasing demand. Using the technical know how and experience of our staff we are also able to offer chemicals to OEM customers, empowering brands to grow and offer their own tailor made formulations.

Safety and regulations

Safety comes first. In the permanently changing thicket of regulations, we spare no expense to stay on top of authority requirements. Our bottles are sealed with child resistant safety caps meeting the ISO8317 standard (tested in renown test institutes in Germany and Asia). All products are packed and marked according to most recent regulations; SDS sheets are available in various languages, REACH compliant ingredient information is provided on our website and multi-language SDS labels can be found on every product. In 2020 we implemented a REACH compliant Distributor notification system that proactively informs our network about every formulation update or SDS change. Our Q² coating line has been thoroughly tested by the Swiss SGS and Korean KTR institu


The spirit of the GYEON brand lives in our packaging design. Every product comes with unique packaging incorporating brand-characteristic elements. This ranges from modern, frozen-effect glass bottles for our coatings through to the crystal-shaped, fully custom PET bottles for the Q²M maintenance range. Selected products with more reactive formulas are packed in customized white or black HDPE bottles keeping the same crystal-inspired shape.


GYEON originates from South Korea, but we are an international team and we think globally. At GYEON we believe quality and innovation have no nationality. We are proud to gather people from all around the world. This cultural mix brings conceptual discussions and fuels our growth. We welcome visions and ideas, having the same goal of setting a new benchmark for quality in the car care industry. Our team members come from South Korea, Singapore, Poland, Belgium, France, Japan, Netherland, Germany and the UK, all sharing their experience, organizational culture and ideas.

Ceramic Coatings

A comprehensive series of advanced silica-based products offering outstanding surface protection. The Q² collection includes high-tech coatings for both enthusiasts and professional detailers.

Innovative Maintenance Products

The Q²M collection offers a wide range of innovative maintenance products for the preparation and aftercare of all vehicle surfaces, complementing the Q² coating range. Ultimate Accessories Q²M Accessories are a natural extension of the regular Q²M Maintenance line and include high quality brushes, applicators and microfiber towels.

Ultimative Accessoires

All products from the GYEON Q²M accessories series are a stringent extension of the regular Q²M care series and include high-quality brushes, applicators and microfibre cloths.

Uncompromised Paint Protection

GYEON is the world's first car care manufacturer to offer state of the art self-healing paint protection film (PPF) alongside a complementary line of dedicated ceramic coating and maintenance products.

Marine Care Products

The GYEON Q²R Marine series is a comprehensive line of innovative products for the marine sector. Cleaning, care and protection for watercraft - simple and effective with our sophisticated ceramic formulations. The GYEON Network Our worldwide network of distributors and certified detailers consists of the leading wholesalers and resellers in the marine care industry as well as established, experienced detailers trained in modern surface care techniques. Over the last 10 years, GYEON has expanded its reach to over 96 countries on 6 continents. With a network of over 1700 certified reconditioners and over 600 resellers, we deliver products, services and outstanding technical support worldwide.

GYEON Experience Center

Detailing never felt so much at home. Our first ever GYEON Experience Center in Germany is much more than just another training center. Our aim was to create a global concept that could be translated into any language and culture. A state of the art detailing studio, lounge and chill out zone, meeting point, concept store and last but not least, a destination for personal and professional growth. Our world-class trainer team offers tuition on all aspects of detailing at every level, and relish the opportunity to inspire novice enthusiasts and surprise experienced professionals. Where passion meets professionalism, good things happen. Learn more about the concept here. A second GYEON Experience Center for South East Asia just opened its doors in Singapore in 2022.

Gyeonize Your Business

We build and nurture long term partnerships with all of our distributors and detailers, helping them to expand their businesses. We achieve this not only by delivering the best GYEON products and accessories, but also by providing high quality promotional materials and dedicated support via our customer service department, our smartphone app and our social media channels.