GYEON Q² FabricCoat

  • Gyeon ceramic protection for fabrics and textiles
  • Impregnation of fabric convertible tops
  • Protects upholstery and carpets from re-soiling
  • Durability up to 6 months
22,00 €
183,33 € per 1 l
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Gyeon Q² Fabric Coat is a powerful ceramic coating designed for all types of fabrics and textiles. In vehicles, this includes convertible tops, seat upholstery, and interior trims. The fabric becomes resistant not only to dirt but also to fading caused by UV radiation.

Just approximately 80ml of Q² Fabric Coat are enough to protect 1m² of fabric. It provides a long-lasting barrier against water, dirt, and UV radiation.

Q² Fabric has strong water-repellent properties, minimizing dirt absorption and allowing for easy cleaning. Once applied, the water-repellent effect will persist for an extended period.

Sealing, for example, a convertible top does not need to be renewed after every wash. Simply rinsing the surface with a pressure washer or washing with a pH-neutral shampoo like Q²M Bathe is sufficient.

Content: 400 ml120 ml
Strong barrier against water: yes
Usage: on every textile
Alcohol free: yes
Durability: up to 6 months
Consumption: approx 80 ml / m²
Content: 120,00 ml
  • Pre-treat textile surfaces with Gyeon FabricCleaner
  • Apply only on clean, completely dry surfaces
  • Wearing skin and respiratory protection is recommended
  • Apply the product sparingly and evenly
  • Spread it on the fabric using an MF Applicator or with a flat hand (using nitrile/latex gloves!)
  • Repeat the application to ensure an even coverage
  • Allow to dry for at least 12 hours
  • Do not let it dry on painted or plastic surfaces, remove as soon as possible
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