• Gyeon Coating with the highest SiO2 content
  • Creates glass-like high gloss / candy effect
  • Extended application window of up to 10 minutes
  • Durability: 36 months / 40,000 km
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After two years of intensive research and development, it was time to take the Gyeon Coating spectrum to a new level: thanks to technological advancements in the chemical group of polysilazanes, Gyeon has succeeded in nearly doubling the durability and drastically simplifying the application process, resulting in an enormously extended application and removal window with the new formulations. Moreover, all the new coatings in the EVO version no longer require a 2-layer application; only a single layer is needed. Additionally, they can be applied outdoors without the need for a garage. Just ensure a dry spot for the following 12 hours and some shade for the application. Q² Pure EVO features the highest (up to 75%) silicon content among all Gyeon Coatings, resulting in an incomparable candy-gloss effect. With the new formulation, the product remains easily buffable within a whole 10 minutes after application, making the process an enjoyable experience. Q² Pure EVO surprises with its glass-like gloss and competes favorably with high-quality natural waxes. Its fantastic color depth and pure candy effect are accompanied by long-lasting and highly chemical-resistant protection against all environmental influences. Q² Pure EVO is resistant to chemicals with pH values ranging from 2 to 11, ensuring easy cleaning of your vehicle.
Content: 30 ml50 ml100 ml
pH resistance value: 2 - 11
Durability: up to 36 month / 40.000 km
Consumption: approx 30 g / per vehicle
Product type: EVO Coating
Content: 30,00 ml
  • 1 piece GYEON Q² One Pure 30 / 50 / 100 ml
  • 1 piece GYEON Q²M Cure 100 ml (not included in the Light Box)
  • 1 piece GYEON Q²M Coating Applicator
  • 1 piece GYEON User Manual

The better the surface is prepared, the better the result in terms of gloss, durability, and water beading effect.

  • Thorough pre-wash and decontamination using Q²M Foam, Q²M Tar, Q²M Iron, Q²M Clay
  • Polish all painted surfaces to a high gloss using Q²M Polish and optionally Q² Primer
  • Wash the vehicle with a strong degreasing detergent, e.g., dishwashing soap and hot water
  • Remove all contaminants, waxes, and oil-based polish residues using Q²M Prep (IPA alone is not sufficient)
  • Shake the bottle, apply a few drops of Q² Pure EVO on the applicator
  • Apply in a crosshatch pattern until the layer is even and saturated, working on smaller sections at a time
  • After 10-30 seconds, polish off excess with a fresh Q²M BaldWipe microfiber cloth to achieve a uniform finish
  • After 1 hour, apply Q²M Cure spray as a topping and wipe with Q²M SoftWipe to protect against potential water spots
  • Avoid water during the drying time (24 hours), do not wash with car shampoo during the curing phase (14 days)