GYEON Q²M Coating Applicator big

  • The new application pad for Gyeon Coatings since 2023
  • One side velour / one side microfiber
  • Economical - absorbs very little material (coating)
  • Applying all maintenance products and detailers
14,00 €
7,00 € per 1 Unit
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Focused entirely on the application of coatings: the new Gyeon Q²M Coating Applicator.

The microfiber-velour combination is wrapped around a high-density firm foam. The applicator has an edgeless design to reduce the risk of damage during coating. It is double-sided:

  • One side velour (similar to Q²M Suede - velour cloth)
  • One normal, low-pile microfiber side (like Q²M BaldWipe - polishing cloth)

However, the truly important detail is hidden between the foam and microfiber-velour: Gyeon has used a thin plastic insert to reduce product consumption and prevent the applicator from absorbing too much coating. This allows for an incredibly even coating application.

Packaging unit: 10 pieces2 pieces
Dimensions: Breite 85 mm x Höhe 35 mm x Länge 120 mm
Product type: Applicator
Content: 2,00 Unit