GYEON Q²M Glass+

  • Perfect, streak-free cleaning of all glass surfaces
  • Also suitable for other materials such as plastic, vinyl, and Alcantara
  • Removes oils and grease without leaving residue
  • Leaves behind a hydrophobic layer, similar to a glass coating
15,90 €
31,80 € per 1 l
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs
  • Available immediately

The Gyeon Q²M Glass+ is an excellent glass cleaner based on the proven Q²M Glass. Unlike the base product, Q²M Glass+ creates an effective water-repellent effect, just like a genuine glass coating.

The clever part is the addition of a small amount of SiO2, which turns the glass cleaning process into a glass sealing process, without any extra effort. Clean your glass and seal it in the same step.

Q²M Glass+ is applied like a regular glass cleaner - on glass and all other interior materials such as leather, vinyl, and Alcantara.

Content: 500 ml1,0 Liter
Content: 500,00 ml
  • Apply 2-3 sprays of Q²M Glass+ onto a short pile microfiber cloth (such as the Gyeon Q²M GlassWipe), not directly onto the glass
  • Clean the glass as usual with the dampened cloth
  • Wipe with another dry cloth for a streak-free view


  • Use the product only for the exterior area
  • Work quickly and do not let the product dry before the final wipe
  • For heavily soiled glass, pre-clean it to avoid using too much product for too long, which can cause streaking
  • Any streaks can be removed with Q²M Prep or an IPA-based cleaner
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