GYEON Q²M TireCleaner

  • Special cleaner for rubber or tires
  • Removes old dressings and contaminants
  • Ideal before applying a new coating
  • Extends the durability of a tire dressing
  • Safe application - does not affect a Gyeon coating
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Gyeon Q²M TireCleaner is a specialized and highly effective tire and rubber cleaner.

Effortlessly removes old dressings and deep, accumulated contaminants from the tire's structure. The Q²M TireCleaner is suitable for all types of tires, including classic whitewall tires, and is also safe to use on coated wheels.

This prepares the tires optimally for the application of a Gyeon tire dressing or tire sealant.

Content: 500 ml1,0 Liter4,0 Liter
Content: 0,50 l
  • Spray Gyeon Tire Cleaner generously on a wet or dry tire
  • Work it in with a Gyeon TireBrush
  • Allow it to dwell and rinse with a high-pressure cleaner if available - otherwise, use water
  • Check if the foam created is white and all residues have been removed
  • If needed, perform a second cleaning

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