GYEON Q²M TireExpress

  • Cares for and protects rubber and tires
  • Creates a beautiful "factory-new" look
  • Easy to apply to the cleaned surface
  • Low consumption - lasts for 2-4 washes
20,00 €
50,00 € per 1 l
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Gyeon Q²M Tire Express is a quick, effective tire and rubber dressing designed for almost daily use.

There is no easier way to refresh the appearance of your tires. Thanks to its simple and uncomplicated application, Q²M Tire Express is the perfect tire treatment and provides a fantastic "factory-new" look.

  • Clean the tire in advance with Gyeon TireCleaner tire and rubber cleaner
  • Apply Gyeon TireExpress tire dressing immediately after washing
  • Spread it evenly and let it dry
  • The drying time is a few minutes
  • The result will be a subtle, matte look like that of a new tire

Question: What is the difference between Gyeon Q² TireExpress and Gyeon Tire?

Answer: The main difference is the durability. Q² Tire can last through several, approximately 4-5 washes, whereas Q² TireExpress lasts only 1-2 washes. Furthermore, the application process differs. Q² TireExpress requires less thorough preparation and can/should be applied on wet tires, making it more suitable for regular, quick use.

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