• Professional 2-component coating
  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • Base component Q² Mohs
  • Durability of 48 months / 50,000 km
109,00 €
2.180,00 € per 1 l
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After two years of intense research and development, it was time to take the Gyeon Coating spectrum to a new level. Thanks to technological advancements in the chemical group of polysilazanes, Gyeon has successfully almost doubled the durability and drastically simplified the application process: the application and removal window has been significantly extended with the new formulations.

What's more, all the new coatings in the EVO version no longer require a 2-layer application, but only a single layer. Moreover, they can now be applied outdoors in the fresh air; a garage is no longer a mandatory requirement. The only necessary conditions are ensuring a dry spot for the following 12 hours and providing some shade during the application.

Q² Syncro EVO is a professional 2-component coating system primarily designed for professional users outside of the Gyeon Certified Detailer Program. It is the most advanced Gyeon Coating available, accessible not only to a limited customer base but to everyone - enthusiasts as well as professional detailers. Thanks to the new formulation, the application process has become even easier, as it now requires only 2 layers instead of the previous 3 or 4.

Q² Syncro EVO offers maximum color depth, exceptional smoothness, and water-repellent properties. The base component, Q² Mohs EVO, based on fluoropolysilazane, ensures a stable bond and long-lasting durability. The topping, Q² Skin EVO, is a thick and flexible topcoat based on silicone, providing excellent self-cleaning capabilities. Ultimately, it is this self-cleaning ability that guarantees a flawless appearance of your car between regular washes.

Content: 30 ml50 ml
Consumption: approx 30 g / per vehicle
Product type: EVO Coating
Durability: up to 48 months > 50.000 km
Content: 50,00 ml
  • 1 piece GYEON Q² Mohs EVO 30 / 50 ml
  • 1 piece GYEON Q² Skin 50 ml
  • 1 piece GYEON Q²M Cure 100 ml (not included in the Light Box)
  • 1 piece GYEON Q²M Coating Applicator
  • 1 piece GYEON User Manual

The better the surface is prepared, the better the results in terms of gloss, durability, and water-beading effect.

  • Thorough pre-wash and decontamination using Q²M Foam, Q²M Tar, Q²M Iron, Q²M Clay
  • Polish all painted surfaces to a high gloss using Q²M Polish and if necessary Q² Primer
  • Wash the vehicle with a strongly degreasing detergent, e.g., dishwashing liquid and hot water
  • Remove all contaminants, waxes, and oil-based polish residues with Q²M Prep (IPA alone is not sufficient)
  • Shake the bottle, apply a few drops of Q² Mohs EVO to the applicator
  • Apply in a cross-motion until the layer is even and sufficiently thick, working on smaller sections at a time
  • After 10-30 seconds, remove excess product and achieve a uniform finish using a fresh microfiber towel, Q²M BaldWipe
  • Once the entire vehicle has been coated, repeat the process with Q² Skin
  • After 1 hour, apply Q²M Cure Spray as a topping and wipe with Q²M SoftWipe to protect against potential water spots
  • Avoid contact with water during the drying time (24 hours) and do not wash with car shampoo during the curing phase (14 days)
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