GYEON Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong

  • Strong and highly efficient leather cleaner
  • Contains no softeners or preservatives
  • Leaves the original (leather) typical matte look
  • Ideal pre-cleaner for applying Q² LeatherCoat or Q² LeatherShield
18,00 €
36,00 € per 1 l
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Gyeon Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong is a strong and highly efficient leather cleaner, developed in combination with Gyeon Q² LeatherShield, making it ideal for preparing the leather surface before applying a leather coating.

It reliably removes dirt, oily and greasy residues, and most discolorations, leaving a natural matte finish.

In contrast to other leather cleaners, Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong does not contain any softeners, preservatives, or similar substances that could hinder the application of coatings like Q² LeatherCoating or Q² LeatherShield.

Tip: Always vacuum the upholstery first. Use Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong together with water to increase foaming and aid in the even distribution of the cleaner. Use the Q²M LeatherBrush. Work in sections and remove dirt in straight motions using a microfiber towel. Use at least 3 towels: one for the initial wipe, another damp one to remove foam, and a third one to dry the surface.

Content: 500 ml1,0 Liter
Content: 0,50 l
  • Always vacuum the upholstery first
  • Use Q²M LeatherCleaner Mild with water to increase foaming action
  • Utilize the Q²M LeatherBrush
  • Work in sections and always remove dirt with a microfiber cloth in a straight motion
  • Use at least 3 Gyeon Baldwipe towels
  • One towel for the initial wiping
  • Second, damp towel for foam removal
  • A third towel for surface drying

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