GYEON Q²M PPF Maintain

  • Care, protection, and quick cleaner based on SiO2
  • Suitable for ALL films - glossy or matte
  • Extends any existing self-cleaning effect
  • Applicable on wet or dry film
34,00 €
85,00 € per 1 l
incl. 19% VAT , plus shipping costs

Gyeon Q²M PPF Maintain is a SiO²-based detailer and spray sealant designed to enhance the self-cleaning capabilities of all PPFs and films available on the market - matte or glossy, coated or not. It is the perfect maintenance solution for PPFs coated with Gyeon Q² PPF Coating, providing additional protection against UV rays and future oxidation.

You can apply the product on both wet and dry film surfaces. It enhances the finish, extends the durability of existing coatings, and aids in drying and streak removal. Gyeon Q²M PPF Maintain can also be used on vinyl films.

Content: 400 ml1,0 Liter
SiO2 Content: > 5 %
pH resistance value: 4 - 9
Contact angle: > 80°
Consumption: approx 30 g / per vehicle
Product type: PPF
Durability: up to 6 weeks
Content: 0,40 l
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