GYEON Q²M WheelBrush

  • Gyeon WheelBrush is the ultimate wheel brush for thorough cleaning
  • Soft yet robust microfibers clean even hard-to-reach areas gently and effectively
  • Chemical-resistant fibers from Gyeon Smoothie, gentle on sensitive surfaces
  • Well-designed construction with no exposed metal, featuring a soft grip pad for comfortable handling even in wet conditions
  • Available in two sizes: medium (37 cm) and large (47 cm)
25,00 €
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The Gyeon WheelBrush wheel brush is the ultimate solution for cleaning all types of wheels. Soft yet robust microfibers at the brush end gently but thoroughly clean even hard-to-reach areas on the wheels. The chemical-resistant and highly durable fibers are well-known from the Gyeon Smoothie and ensure a gentle touch on all sensitive surfaces.

The well-designed construction features a plastic-coated handle with no exposed metal, and a soft grip pad provides comfortable handling even in wet conditions. The brushes are available in two sizes:

  • Medium (37 cm with a 13 cm brush head)
  • Large (47 cm with a 16 cm brush head)
Length: 37 cm47 cm
Product type: Brush